Where To Hang Wind Chimes

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Where to hang wind chimes

·         The ceramic wind chimes can be placed in SW, NE and center (in the V they activate the children zone, while in the NW, the relationship zone).

·         Bamboo wind chimes in S, SE, E.

·         Wooden wind chimes placed in S activate the fame zone.

·         Metallic wind chimes in W, NW and N.

The wind chimes are usually placed next to the front door, right in the entrance hall, because they make all kinds of pleasant sounds when you enter the house. Even if they don’t swing in the blow of the wind, it is a good idea to provoke the sounds every time you pass them by. Also, they can be placed next to the window or on the balcony.

Therefore, for the interior of the house, it is indicated to choose metallic or ceramic (glass) wind chimes.

Don’t forget about the children’s bedroom. They are going to love playing with the wind chimes. The ceramic wind chimes are especially indicated for the little ones because they emit the faintest and most relaxing sounds.

Where to hang wind chimes in bedroom:

In the bedroom it’s not recommended to place the wind chimes above the bed, table or chairs, but in places where the energy is stagnant and it needs an impulse. We can tell if they are well placed when they induce a good mood, when we feel energized, less stressed and eager to express our creativity.

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