metal Halloween candle holder Table Decoration

Creative decorations for Halloween party
Metal frame
Colorful stained glass shade
Wipe clean with a warm damp cloth

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Product Details

Describe: metal Halloween candle holder Table Decoration

Product Introduction  

Halloween Enameled Glass and Metal Decorative Candle Holders.

You can use this figure Halloween Decoration , Table Decoration and Best for gift.    

Add a festive spirit to your home during the October holiday with our adorable Halloween tea lights. Home accents for Halloween and throughout the autumn season. These lighted figures depict a friendly pumpkin, a spider,a bat, a owl, a white ghost,a black cat. Our tea lights are the ideal choice for gifts, home decor and party.

Tealight candle holders can really enhance the art mood.

For those of us who grew up with them, candle holders are a seasonal blend of light . They belong to a purely domestic and old-fashioned type of joy, one that emphasizes a dark room over a brightly lit one (to appreciate the dancing interplay of light and shadow); and calm over activity (so that stray air currents shouldn’t disrupt the workings). Darkness, stillness, silence: all inescapable aspects of the northern winter, and it is therefore not surprising that candle holders should be such an enduring tradition.     


Product Specification

MaterialIron,Stained Glass
ITEM NO. MWGJA004-005-001-002-003MWGJB001 GJA005 GJB002-003-004
Packaging Detailsinner box, Bubble wrap, strong-foam box for you to choose
Delivery Time60 days
Sample timeWithin 10 working days after confirmation
Payment terms30% deposit upon order, 70% due prior to shipment.

The picture for the metal Halloween candle holder Table Decoration:

Halloween candle holder


Includes five different candle holders 

Requires five tea light candles

Metal Tea Light Candle Holder is Halloween Gift. Beautifully Simple and Elegant Table Centerpiece Decor. Use Real Votive Candles or Battery Operated ~ Both Look Beautiful!Made of high quality iron, durable, sturdy,not easy to deform. Easy to clean, no paint chips, keep the candlestick clean only need to wipe iron frame and remove the tears of candles.

Halloween tea light holder

MWGJB001 GJA005 GJB002-003-004

It's also a perfect Halloween party decoration. There is a candle slot on the base of the product on the back of the product, which can be used for candles. The candlelight illuminate the color glass, making the color very beautiful. You can add your own scented tea light and indulge in your favorite aroma. Please turn off the candle when you are not using or when you leave.

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