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Describe: Wholesale Metal Christmas Wind Chimes Christmas table Ornament

Product Introduction

At Christmas, there is one of the most important plants, except for the pine and cypress Christmas tree filled with color lights, as well as holly. So, you'll see our wind bell dotted with some holly leaves and berries. Wholesale Metal Christmas Wind Chimes Christmas table Ornament.  Ilex decorates houses all over the world. These prickly green plants and red berries celebrate Christmas through their vitality and color, but they must have holly at Christmas.

Holly is famous for its jubilant and vibrant red. Compared with the cold winter, the warm red stands out. But it is also related to men. It is considered to be a plant that can bring good luck and protection to men, while plants corresponding to Holly are ivy and symbols it can bring good luck to women. Before Holly was hung with a Christmas tree in the house, it is believed that the Druids (Celtic Irish ancestors is the wizard) the sacred plants, when other plants withered in winter, Holly is still green, stout, bright red berries are still in the cold season. The holly believes that Holly is a symbol of life and eternity. It is believed to have magic. It is believed that Holly will be hung at home to bring good luck and protection.

Product Specification

MaterialGlass and metal
ITEM NO. MWPA037650-037652-037657MWSDA001-002-003-004
Packaging DetailsBubble wrap,inner box , foam, PDQ...
Sample timeWithin 10 working days after confirmation
Delivery Time60 days
Payment terms30% deposit upon order, 70% due prior to shipment

The picture for the Christmas wind chimes:

Christmas wind chime


The chain is composed of many rings. A wind - Bell tube made of 4 long striped glass. The tubes are red, green, blue and yellow. The bottom of the chain is a colored glass ball around a wire. Santa Claus, the snowman and the penguin's hands all hung  the holly leaves.

angel wind chime


The color wind bell tube is coloured with the same color  teardrop shape glass. And There is a vortex pattern on the water drop glass. The middle shell of the above through the chain link with the bell cover beads, the following five hooks connected with the rope. Wholesale Metal Christmas Wind Chimes Christmas table Ornament is your best choice.

Santa wind chime


The Santa Claus hats have holly leaves and berries on their red hats. The brim is golden yellow, white beard is particularly nice. The wind bell is the sound caused by the shock of a piece of silver iron. Red is the theme of Christmas. In winter, a cluster of red fruit globose, dotted among the green leaves, if just in the snow after the snow red and green leaves, so indescribably beautiful.

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