The Use Of MgO

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Determination of sulfur and pyrite and sulfur and arsenic in steel. Be used as Magnesium Oxide The standard of white pigment. Light Magnesium Oxide is mainly used as raw material for preparing ceramic, enamel, refractory crucible and refractory bricks. Also used as polishing agent binder, paint, and paper filler, neoprene and fluorine rubber accelerant and activator. After mixing with magnesium chloride and other solutions, Magnesium Oxide can be made into water. As an antacid and laxative in medicine, it is used for gastric and duodenal ulcer disease with gastric acid excess. It is used as catalyst and raw material for making magnesium salt in chemical industry. It is also used for making glazing, dyed dregs and phenolic plastics. The heavy Magnesium Oxide rice milling industry is used for grinding and semi rolling. The building industry is used to make artificial chemical flooring, artificial marble, heat resistant board, sound insulation board, plastic industry as filler. It can also be used to produce other magnesium salts.


One of the main uses of Magnesium Oxide is the use of flame retardants, traditional flame retardant materials, widely used as flame retardant mixtures containing halogen polymers or halogen flame retardants. But in the event of a fire, a large amount of smoke and toxic corrosive gases will be generated by thermal decomposition and combustion, which prevents fire and personnel from evacuating and corroding equipment and equipment. In particular, more than 80% of the deaths in the fire have been found to be caused by heavy smoke and toxic gases produced by materials. In addition to the efficiency of flame retardancy, low smoke and low toxicity are also an essential indicator of the flame retardants. The development of China's flame retardants industry is extremely uneven, and the proportion of chlorine flame retardants is relatively heavy, which is the first among all the flame retardants, of which chlorinated paraffin is a monopoly. However, when chlorine flame retardants are released, toxic gas is released, which is far from the non-toxic and efficient pursuit of modern life. Therefore, in order to comply with the development trend of low smoke, low toxicity and nuisance free flame retardants in the world, the development, production and application of Magnesium Oxide flame retardants are imperative.

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Christmas Train Decoration

Christmas Child Figures Magnesia

Magnesia Christmas House Led

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