The Halloween Story

- Mar 27, 2018 -

   The Halloween Story

    The floor where we go to work is not only our company, but also some other companies, all of which are very small departments, and we have only one bathroom on the first floor, at the end of the corridor. There are only two ways in the bathroom. There is a washbasin in front and a mirror in the entrance. The work is usually very busy. When we went to the bathroom, we almost ran. This day was no exception. I rushed into the bathroom. There was a door that was blind, and I could see that there was already someone in it and I didn't know it. So I chose the one next to it. When it came out, there was already a long-haired girl washing her hands in the sink. It was a girl from the company next door. We met many times in the hallway. Although I never said hello, it was Half acquaintance. She washed her hands, opened the door next to the grid and walked in. Hey? Is that someone else? Did you just see it inside? I didn't think much about it and walked out quickly. After some time, it was the bathroom. I saw the woman for the second time.

    It was a woman of old age. She was dressed in a black cotton-colored coat and her face was sallow. The whole face was swollen. When I first entered, she saw that she was still lying in the cell by the window. When I saw me, I was surprised to see a strange expression. "Ah!" I screamed, and I rushed out to just hit the girl next door. "What happened to you?" she asked. "There are... ghosts!" I couldn't even breathe. "It's not it! She's too frightened." "Don't go to that window on the window!" I told her nervously that I was sick of everyone. I no longer go to that bathroom. I would rather go to the public toilet downstairs. But even so, I saw her for the third time! Not in the bathroom but in the hallway. She stumbled in the crowd and nobody noticed her. I could not attend to the ladylike image and yelled into the office.

    "What's the matter? The manager mentioned me to the hallway like a tiger." There! She was still alive! So blatantly? Is it only I can see her? "She! I pointed at the black cotton coat! She!" She is the cleaner in this building! Recently the building asked not only to be cleaned in the evening, but also to clean the corridor in the morning, so you haven't seen her before. I think you are nervous!” The manager hated to throw me down and walked quickly go back. I fainted! It turned out to be a false alarm. It caused me to go downstairs to the bathroom every day, and finally I could rest assured that I was in the bathroom. When I first came in and met the girl next door, she smiled at me and went out. The doorway of the bathroom was facing the mirror. When she came out, she sorted out her clothes. Suddenly remembering the funny misunderstanding, she wanted to say something to her and she turned to call her. God, what did I see? In the huge mirror, I only saw myself. I turned to see her and I didn’t have anything in the mirror! I finally realized that it was a misunderstanding! The cleaner that day. It's really been there, and the girl can go inside because she's the real ghost!



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