The Food Of Halloween

- Mar 30, 2018 -

The Food of Halloween

1. Pumpkin pie

The pumpkin pie is a festive food for Halloween, especially in the United States. The pumpkin pie is a traditional home-style dim sum from the late autumn to the early winter in the southern United States. It is usually eaten, especially before and after Halloween, as a kind of food.

There is also a story about the pumpkin pie. It is a man named JACK who is a drunkard and loves mischief. One day JACK deceived the devil into the tree and immediately carved a cross on the tree stump. He intimidated the devil and made him afraid to come down. Then JACK and the devil recombined three chapters. The demon promised to cast a spell so that Jack would never commit a crime as a condition to get him out of the tree. After JACK's death, his soul can neither go to heaven nor go to hell, so his dead can only rely on a small candle to guide him in between heaven and earth. This small candle is placed in a hollowed radish called JACK LANTERNS. It is said that shortly after the Irish arrived in the United States, they discovered that pumpkins were better than radish in both source and carving, so pumpkins became Halloween pets. The pumpkin pie has also become a food for Halloween.

2. Taffy apple

Toffee apple is a traditional food for Halloween in the UK. It was transmitted to Japan during the Meiji Restoration and was also present in Japanese manga. Therefore it is often mistaken for Japanese food. Candy apple." The Toffee apple was originally a gift for children on the Halloween night to follow the “no sugar to tease” custom, but then there were a number of incidents in which someone had added a blade to Apple to cause harm, resulting in the disappearance of the custom of sending apples. The traditional taffy apple is coated with taffy as a raw material, and the raw material has been increasingly diversified. The most common are the nuts, chocolate beans, cream caramel, preserved fruit and so on.

3. Corn sugar

The corn sugar is an ancient Han dessert. Its production method is relatively old and originated from when it was no longer possible to investigate. According to “Qi Min Yao Shu”, referring to Cui Hao’s “Eat Meal”, the production method is simpler. Just mix rice and malt with glutinous rice and stir it over the container overnight.

4. Bake pumpkin seeds

Perhaps this is the only unsweetened snack in Western traditional Halloween. Salty taste, slightly nutty flavor, Westerners often like to use the United States Millbrook brand Tojia (Tocai Friulano) wine to drink with. This wine often has the aroma of tropical fruits, filling the tip of the nose, but when it enters the mouth, the aroma will change to the taste of peaches and almonds. Even more interesting is that the Hudson Valley, which produces this wine, is located in the United States near the famous Sleepy Hollow and the famous "Headless Horseman."



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