Where should the wind chime be hung?

- Apr 13, 2018 -

                                   Where should the wind chime be hung?


In the past, people often put wind chimes hanging in the doorway or in the living room of the home. The appearance was beautiful and the voice was crisp. However, as people’s living environment changed, people’s thinking was changing further. Feng Shui issues were gradually recognized by people today. Let's discuss together how the wind chimes should be hung.

1. Wind bells avoid hanging in the bedroom and study

       We should all know that the bedroom and the study are both quiet places. If we hang the wind chimes in these two areas, once the wind comes in, we will make a crisp sound. It will inevitably startle people, for friends who read books or sleep. It was disturbed, so we try not to hang the wind chimes in the bedroom and the living room.

2. The wind chime is suitable for hanging position 

      One of the most suitable places for hanging wind chimes is the living room. The first living room is a relatively lively place. Adding bells in the living room not only increases the liveliness of the scene, but also creates a lively atmosphere for the whole to improve the surrounding environment.

3. The wind chime is suitable for hanging position 

      It was an evil spirit to hang wind chime on the door. We should have seen that some people’s homes would have wind chimes hanging at the door, so that when the wind blows in, they will hear the sound. Sometimes more people use it specifically to ward off evil spirits. Plays the role of the town house.

4. Pay attention to the hanging of wind chimes

       In China, the suspension direction of the wind chime in the suspension position will directly affect the feng shui of the entire home. Some families are suitable for hanging the wind chimes in the southwest while others may be in the northeast. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the problem of material quality of the wind chimes. Households need to hang copper, and some need to hang wood, in fact, these are to be judged based on our family as a whole, must not be casually linked to easy to influence Feng Shui.

5. Selection of wind chimes and matching of houses

       There are many styles of wind chimes, some people can buy according to their favorite when choosing, but sometimes we can choose the hanging position in advance, and when there is a selection, there is also a reference so as not to appear out of place.

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