What to pay attention to for Halloween?

- Aug 08, 2018 -

The personal safety

Children should not go out alone.

When going out for sugar, be accompanied by a parent or a trusted adult.

Make sure your child's clothing is safe.do not procrastinate too much, too complex, do not have sharp decorative items.

Make sure your face is safe with makeup and masks.

Only go to the room with the light on and ask for sugar.

Don't cross the front lawn to avoid tripping over halloween decorations.


The traffic safety

Walk on the sidewalk, not the road.when you have to walk on the road, walk on the opposite side of the car.

Wear bright clothes, preferably reflective ones.

Bring a flashlight.

When you need to cross the road, take a zebra crossing.


The friend that prepares bulk candy does not want to buy the candy that contains peanut as far as possible, lest have accident after allergy child eats.if you see a child who asks for candy, please slow down and avoid pedestrians.

Halloween LED Pumpkin With Witch

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