What are the design requirements for metal crafts?

- Apr 10, 2018 -


What are the design requirements for metal crafts?

1. Metal art form: different decoration environment should choose the corresponding metal art form to cooperate with the environment and atmosphere.

2. Material selection: the selection of materials is determined by the hardness, aesthetics and economic practicability of the material, and ignoring one of them may bring you irreproachable regret.

3. Metal art design: metal art can be designed according to the customer's preliminary design, and produce the effect diagram, but if needed, more precise design is needed.

4. Metal painting treatment: paint is like a person's appearance, choosing the right color will make your iron pieces more distinctive and distinctive. For outdoor products, please consider using "special anti-rust process" to ensure that your products are free of rust after 15 years of installation.

5, Metal art forging characteristics: most iron openwork forgings production product, by hand carved out in every style, pay attention to beautiful and personality structure, therefore also has special requirements for the design, must fully consider the feasibility of the model and the beautiful sex, so the above will be comprehensive factors, sometimes with the original drawings modelling, the structure and size deviation. If you must follow the original drawing style, please explain in advance.

6. The art of metal art: the combination of design and manufacture of iron flowers, the endless decision of art, the artistic perfection of the iron flower.

7, Metal art security features: metal openwork in addition to the decorative performance, also as part of the building structures, such as stairs, doors, wrought iron fence, the height, width and strength of reason for art has the strict safety standards, such as when you choose a product modelling must weigh these factors make a reasonable choice, to conform to the standards for the safe use of.

8. Matel installation method: the same type of metal, with different installation methods, may produce a completely different effect.


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