History of christmas tree

- Nov 05, 2018 -

Christmas TreeAccording to the christmas custom, the first christmas tree is a small palm tree along the road of bai lengcheng. On the first night of jesus' birth, the virgin mary and st. Joseph, when they walked to the white cold city, were very tired. The virgin rested under the tree for a while. The little palm tree seemed to be favored. Look, unfold its branches, and give the virgin the cold wind. In the middle of the night, jesus christ was born. At this time, a particularly bright star appeared in the sky, emitting a wonderful light, directly on the head of the little palm tree, hovering into a beautiful aperture. Since then, the small palm tree has occupied a glorious position in christmas. In the middle ages, a popular religious drama in germany, in a scene in the garden of eden, when god made man, adam and eve betrayed god, using a palm tree covered with apples to represent the tree of life or knowing good and evil. Tree. Later, the faithful friend moved the tree of life in the play to the home, symbolizing the coming of the savior. With the development of this symbol, it was a custom to decorate the christmas tree in the fifteenth century.

A christmas tree is an evergreen tree that is decorated with eucalyptus or pine trees with lights and decorations. As one of the important elements of christmas, the modern christmas tree originated in germany and gradually became popular around the world, becoming one of the most famous traditions in christmas celebration. The popularity of christmas has also seen some decorative christmas trees, plastic christmas trees, and christmas trees with resin crafts.

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