Garden stake

- Jul 19, 2018 -

The garden stakes remain upright and vertical eliminating the need to replant and reinsert the stake. Eliminating the necessity to replant is particularly important when it is aesthetically or physically impractical to replant. If replanting is necessary, the present invention facilitates the removal of the plant by simply pulling out the garden stake. As the root ball is intertwined with the anchor, the plant will be removed with the stake.

Our garden stake has been to provide a versatile, rigid plant support which is simple in design, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to install and easy to use.

Another object of the garden stake is to provide a rigid attachment to the upright support, improving stability without major disturbance to the surrounding plant life or root system. The radically-expanding feet provide improved mechanical support for the stake or support so that garden stake will remain in an upright position.

Another objective to provide a garden stake which may be of varying heights is simple to use and which requires a minimum of tools to assemble and install.

Another objective is to provide a device which does not adversely affect or detract from the beauty of the plant being supported.

By using metals, plastics or wood products in its construction, the invention satisfies another objective of this invention by using materials which are inert and will not adversely affect plant growth on chemical reaction with the soil.

The garden stake of the present invention includes a support, which may be a cylindrical tube. The support is maintained in an upright vertical position by an anchor. The anchor has legs which expand radically when the anchor is inserted into the ground.

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