Bird Memory

- Jul 16, 2018 -

Bird Memory

When I was a child, I liked birds, I liked to listen to their singing voices, and I liked the majestic freedom of flying in the blue sky.So I had an idea: I decided to raise my own bird. At first, my family did not agree. Later,after I repeatedly asked my mother.Mom finally bought  a bird for me.

The bird has a pair of gray-yellow wings, a pale green chest, a scissors-like tail, a pair of clear black eyes, living in a beautiful blue castle, like a beautiful princess, very cute.A few uncles who know birds say it is a nestling. I like the bird more and more. I decided to serve it and be my good partner.5f19eb92f12138bdd0468ffc75c4b67774806.jpg

I pay attention to the movement of this bird all the time. I saw it screaming and screaming, this voice was very harsh and very irritating. This is not a beautiful song, it is clearly making noise.Dad said it might be too lonely. So he went to buy a bird early in the morning, hoping that a companion would be happy.But it was a surprise. It has a majestic appearance, quite a kind of status to the world.It kept licking the little bird with his mouth, and there was still red blood on his claws. The birds collided everywhere, sending out a scream of tears.The little bird was hiding in the corner alone, and it was a sad look. The old bird, like a queen, raised his head proudly and looked on. Seeing this scene, I really feel bad.In order to make them live in peace, our family mobilized another way: we decided to buy another birdcage for them.A few days later, we heard melodious music, and they sang together like a grand concert.

The beautiful bird is singing at last! I'm very happy.For the little drops of bird farming,all them will turn into beautiful memories.

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