Children Statue With Garden Planters

Children Statue With Garden Planters

Gorgeous winter kid characters Wonderful to planting Weather-proof Garden characters from Magnesia Weather-resistant design

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Product Details

Describe: children statue with garden planters

Product Introduction

The boy is wearing a pink and white hat and a white hat. It is made of tough magnesia and is painted to make it weather-resistant. So it can be safely stored at home or outside. The little boy was holding a snowball in his hand and playing beside a flower pot. These statues of kids beside planter will charm family and house guests all winter. Beautifully painted and exuding charm and playful whimsy, these kids will brighten up any room.

The edge of the pot mouth is covered with snow, and the surface of the flowerpot is pink, with stars pattern on it. 

Product Specification

Packaging DetailsOpp bag, polyfoam box, Bubble bag, inner box, standard safety export packing ...
Sample timeAbout 10 days
Delivery Timeusually 60 days

The picture for children statue with garden planters:

children statue with garden planters.jpg

For a charming way to showcase flowers, plant them in the Makewell Garden Statue. This cute garden statue features a boy sitting beside a garden pot that is open to offer room for your favorite plants or flowers. To highlight each artful detail, it's finished in a good coating. For natural contrast, his clothing has a hand-applied white Loose coat . Snow day decor. Let the merrymaking begin when you add this seasonal "Snowbuddy" figure from Makewell to your home for the holidays. A playful child, brightly bedecked in pink and white winter wear, is ready for some snowy fun.

Our advantage

Are you satisfied with your plant growth? Are plant pots or pots suitable for your plant? Are your pots as beautiful as the plants in it? Will you bring your plants indoor because of the ugly pots? Are you moving your plants to the light without fear of super-fragile pots and pots that destroy more than the plants themselves?

If the answers to these questions are "no," then you have to look in the makewell range in pots and pots. Featuring a unique range of pots, planting a wide variety of plant containers in our collection of plants you can plant for your right size and beauty enough to stay anywhere.

Buy pots and pots online from Makewell at the door and on time delivery guarantee the best prices and have plantings as beautiful as yourself! Bring your green material to your living room while showing off your green thumb and decorative look.

The lifelines and the green environment of trees and plants give us peace, happiness and inner peace. Over the past few decades, the gradual natural environment has been exploited, with the result that global warming is facing today. Now is the time for us to work collectively to change this trend.

Makewell is to encourage people to take good care of plants and get close to nature, which helps to improve the greening coverage and rebalance our environment.

Your home and garden should be a true reflection of your personality. Bring smile to your face with our very attractive, colourful home and garden decor.

You have come to the right place for all kinds of Home & Garden products!

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